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Behsaa Group was established on October 1, 2005, with private capital and by a group of IT experts and industry managers.

Software development and development in the Windows and Web platform, automation, after sales, automated processor (MIS) and financial software and software accounting software, which is superior to other software on the market.

Failures and landings, in addition to unity, provided valuable experience to the management team and all partners. Behsaa Group currently consists of 16 original team members and more than 20 individuals indirectly.

Behsaa Group now has a unique experimental and qualitative infrastructure that is not found in the world’s largest software companies. The primary goal of this series is not to compete with domestic companies and have always maintained its experience and business with domestic collections.

The beginning of activity in the field of ICT is the emphasis on protecting the rights, theoretical and operational, and observing intellectual and intellectual rights of the software world.

All of the tools used in the software provided by this group have original licenses from the original manufacturers.

By using the global standards and through the development of information technology in organizations and private and public organizations, Behsaa Group tries to develop its customers business as its business partners

The efforts of this group are in line with the goals of other trading companies in the world and we can implement any idea by using the tools in Behsaa.

Our 22-year experience in the field of comprehensive financial solutions, management information systems and software manufacturing technology has paved the way for the progress of all of our colleagues and companies in the Behsaa group, which is one of the blessings and honors of the Behsaa group.

In short, let’s turn our dreams into reality and implement any idea!

The main activities of the Behsaa group

Provide honest and complete advice on creating a business-friendly productivity environment

Provide business software solutions based on the operational processes of medium and large organizations in the maternal, manufacturing, service and commercial industries.

Provide software solutions for small businesses

Provide specific information technology solutions for organizations and government agencies

Providing educational services, deploying and supporting software solutions

Customization of existing software and deployment based on the needs of customers

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Deputy Executive and Operational

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Finance and accounting

Administrative affairs and contracts

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