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Take a look at the group

14:29 Sunday 2018/09/09 Ghazal Rasouli 0 Comments

Behsaa Group was established on October 1, 2005, with private capital and by a group of IT experts and industry managers. Software development and development in the Windows and Web platform, automation, after sales, automated processor (MIS) and financial software

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behsaa from media viewpoint

14:23 Sunday 2018/09/09 Ghazal Rasouli 0 Comments

Behsaa software project, with the assistance of senior managers and senior financial management experts, began in 1394 after 22 years of experience and several software provided on the Windows and Mobile Platform application to the management of Mr. Farhadi.

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Behsaa CopyRight

13:33 Sunday 2018/09/09 Ghazal Rasouli 0 Comments

behsaa’s Group has all the software rights and design of the user interface used in the software. This means that system templates, font icons, fonts used in the system also have commercial licenses. This software has not copied from

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