Privacy and protect data and information specific to customers | ‌BPMS Behsaa

As you can see, the software is completely delivered to servers and customer systems, and no way the behsaa group is able to view your software, access to your file or database.

But if you need to check or develop, there is a possibility to access the files in a cross-sectional manner, all of which will be done in accordance with the buyer’s supervision.

So, if you publish your information for any reason, no responsibility will be incurred by the group.We will modification your database as required by your monitoring and satisfaction.

The behsaa group is committed to three: committed to protecting objective information, eliminating information from the colleagues’ computer unrecoverable, and avoiding any copy of customer information.

Therefore, even in the case of a judicial order or any legal inspiration, no information about the procedure, access to the software will not be available to the group, and the responsibility for providing information to the organizations and institutions of all countries is not the responsibility of the Behsaa Group.

Your information and specifications are reserved for us.

The Behsaa group does not disclose the name and profile of the company.

Although disclosure of the names of companies could have led to more sales or promotional effects for this group, but due to numerous reasons, including the monopoly and secrecy of the contract basis, the name of the customers of the Behsaa group will not be included on the website of Behsaa.

For example, Behsaa has no right to tell the brand of old customers to new customers.

The behsaa group, its own publication in the software, knows the basic rights of the software, and it is impossible to register another in the software and to remove this information.

Therefore, after checking that, if under any circumstances, this name is removed or changed by the buyer, the Behsaa Group will not provide any support services to the customer, and the buyer will deny any protest. .

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