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behsaa’s Group has all the software rights and design of the user interface used in the software. This means that system templates, font icons, fonts used in the system also have commercial licenses. This software has not copied from any other software and all rights reserved.

All ideas and analysis of this software are based on financial and trading standards that are combined with the creative mind of the analyst and experience of managers.

This brand, under no circumstances will be removed from Behsaa. The Behsaa brand will also include some financial papers in printed versions. The Behsaa Group reserves the right to hold the display of the name and website of the website in its reserved areas.

Customer service is provided as a source code. This feature is possible with the collaboration of this group with the US Secularization Business Assessment Company and does not allow access to resources by users or hackers.

Any changes, even with an additional character in the software, will disrupt the project process and support services will not be possible after the file changes. An update to the standards used is free within the specified range and after testing the trial versions

The Behsaa Group has the right to file a complaint from companies and individuals who have copied any product from this collection or who have changed the brand name of Behsaa to sell this software.

The Behsaa software has a fixed price and is only visible on the official site of Behsaa and can not be changed unless agreed upon by the two contracts in accordance with the official contract.Using the operating system, a secure tool, making it possible to deploy all in accordance with the rules of global copyright.

Even the use of the Behsaa proprietary trade mark, the software font and the open source files provided with the standards are required, and the group is proud to be a project focused on compliance with international law.

All of Behsaa’s intellectual property rights belong to this group and to the management of the Behsaa Group , and any involvement or recruitment of those rights leads to legal and prosecution for the offenders.

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