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Behsaa software project, with the assistance of senior managers and senior financial management experts, began in 1394 after 22 years of experience and several software provided on the Windows and Mobile Platform application to the management of Mr. Farhadi.

This project is an organization management system infrastructure with a comprehensive system of dual accounting and treasury accounting, procurement and supply chains, procurement and warehousing, web services and technology-based connections.

The ability to receive information from other databases is another important development issue at a cost.

The project’s project analysis unit, identification, architecture and production, testing, delivery, deployment and support with high performance precision make the package quicker as it is updated all day.

Client analysis, standard and secure coding, mufti-platform user interface, and speed and security features are available to large, medium, and even small business, along with diverse and encouraging views.

Another benefit of Behsaa’s choice is the presence of a process management system based on the BPMN2.0 standard.

A standard that is prepared, along with other financial and operational measures, to bring all system processes together with a form factor and work flow cycle.

Without worrying about the lack of access to information and the use of updated methods, it will be available to users and buyers of organizations to deploy to shared hosts, dedicated virtual servers and dedicated servers online or offline.

Providing critical data security and keeping these data available to organizations. In addition to the Internet, the intranet and even the local network can be deployed on all platforms.

Bahasa now has operational systems and the following specialized areas:

– 7-level double-level accounting with the ability to define 4 floating-point accounts

– Comprehensive Treasury with the possibility of managing funds, bank accounts and checks

– It is possible to record and maintain manual and compound documents and standard accounting and financial reports

– Comprehensive warehousing with the ability to mechanize and define the special container panel and product placement

– Supply Chain and assessment of suppliers in accordance with industry management

– Logistics and transportation management, customs clearance and clearance and handling

– Buying and selling goods, connecting to online stores with API port

– Web services for phone, SMS, email, telegram robot and API connector

– Possibility to give the panel the desired number and conditions of access to managers, employees, customers

– Ability to exploit specialty multi-branch companies with English and Arabic languages ​​along with AD and Jalali

– The possibility of modeling, designing and deploying organization processes along with spend many other features that you will be aware of by visiting technical and organizational experts from Behsaa  designed forms

And many other features that you will be aware of by visiting technical and organizational experts from Behsaa