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No matter Behsaa an online application or a Web application offline,The software Behsaa not even have a picture so that you can even use EDGE service Anywhere in the country from the availability of financial and operational fun.Behsaa the most advanced security systems is also SSL service is one of them.

Based on three-tier architecture

Of course Behsaa popular language PHP and framework for native and integrated CI preparation, but what is important for users of indicators will be The software architecture is so popular. Behsaa has a three-tier architecture model, view and control to connect with the database, user interface and control data to be managed.

Flexible Hardware

The stunning flexibility of software Behsaa will be accountable to you under any circumstances. Apart from creating beautiful sense of a dynamic and industrial software, Just any operating system (like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Firefox and Chrome OS or even BlackBerry) to easily master all the jobs.

Multi-language and comprehensive

Behsaa an accounting software, warehousing, transportation and Treasury and Commerce that in addition to being produced in our country based on environmental standards Ability to change language and change the calendar is also ready to provide multinational companies. Behsaa in English, Chinese and the language you ready within 24 hours.

Dozens of unique capabilities and unique in Behsaa
Let your latest challenge

Real Reactionary Clerical

What is the real meaning in any display Behsaa is provided for you, is responsive. Twitter's popular series Behsaa technology for you to easily palpable.

Unlimited management

Behsaa unlimited user is not only to build but also the ability to create user groups in the category of customers,Unlimited employees and managers have provided for you.


Information services

Behsaa a web service phone call! A phone call to you is that unlimited and free on Behsaa. Along with SMS, Email, PBX, and ...

Use online or offline

Behsaa easily and has the unlimited ability to deploy online ,But if you want to you only in your collection or your IP is accessible over any obstacle!

And technical characteristics and specific Behsaa more

Online accounting Behsaa

The account, which you will find only in Behsaa.

Behsaa accounting software will be available in both manual and automatic.A 7-storey double accounting that allows you to build more than 8 billion will Headlines And the registration document manually with very useful information with advanced registration for the non-specialist staff you In any case, the definition of funds, bank accounts, warehouses and merchandise arbitrary number Are unlimited! Behsaa for the first time in the country with a unified system at your disposal even without the need to dial-up customers can communicate with you. Then you'll be more familiar with Behsaa.

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Introduced senior members Behsaa

Mr. Bahadur Moradi

Software engineer and responsible for sales and application deployment in organizations and companies

Mr. Iman Farhadi

Farhadi Iman engineer, Master of IT Management, managing director and production manager Behsaa

Dr. Hamid Dalaeli

PhD in Industrial Management and an expert in the analysis and development of BP Behsaa to the National

Behsaa group consists of 11 members of the Committee of research, production, design, support and education that the standard to be focused and Consortium will stay with us forever and always welcome their presence. Also, if you're one of the geniuses of the time, join us.

We also considered special cases

Online accounting Behsaa

Features for convenient loading

No doubt all procedures were not sufficient to cover all alternatives. That's why we have to Behsaa specially prepared forms to mobile phones with more features will be available without any objection. After Behsaa online purchase and enjoy.

Online accounting Behsaa

Why do we fast?

All financial software platform operating system, even those who are due to start up and connect to the database will be limited resources computers have speed problems. This is evident in testing Behsaa

BHSAA Sale process

Introduction, Demo and Choose Prerequisites

You can see demo of Behsaa before order. Attention to the feature and choose the best package also you must to know what is the prerequisites for establishing Behsaa. If you want online version is better to have a website before

Understanding Deployment
first stage

Buy and pay

The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has gained two-star symbol. After deciding to buy the full payment for deposit into the bank account indicated on the form in order to take delivery operations. Even if the customization is considered to be absolutely sure you buy the card to card.

Order Form Register and pay order
second stage

Deployment and training Behsaa

To set up your server offline and will need information and network systems. After you install the free education and 5 years of service after the sale with 5 years will enjoy free update.

Enjoy the Behsaa
Second Stage

Word of partners and business groups

"Definitely a big improvement will occur to you soon. We are confident Behsaa be aware of the big things will happen if the Iranians. The system will be extremely helpful business."
"What is now undoubtedly prepared as Behsaa few years after my research online accounting software current Behsaa of all head and shoulders more and better. I have high hopes for the future"
"When he sees Behsaa when you thought that was the form of Iranian definitely is such a thing or produced in Iran! Later that ll make to our country and young professionals will be proud of."

More than 30 people have recorded version request Behsaa

A prominent feature analysis of technical and what is not forgotten

Online accounting Behsaa

The definition of working hours

At first glance Behsaa with other software can not compare. In Behsaa unlimited user groups and access levels and time characteristics are available. Specify the date and time for employees and customers.

Online accounting Behsaa

Communication and coordination with others

Still believe that change is necessary for progress. But change for the better and Behsaa an important step in productivity. Behsaa to choose because we do not doubt for transmission and Behsaa connection to any previous software and hardware ready.

Online accounting Behsaa

Grouping and layout of warehouses

To introduce the product and service category and will have unlimited coding and finally the product code that includes code layout warehouse / product classification code and the product code is. Locating in the warehouse, including warehouse / hall / corridors / shelves / classes and the rows.

Online accounting Behsaa

Accounting and Treasury

Behsaa accounting for a professional accountant prepared, but if you have not accounting can either use the automatic document. Czech banks are also defined and relying on common sense practices will manage your needs.

Software Price List Behsaa

  • Starter Pack
  • The base version is a full-featured compiled will be able to define 30 employees
  • 1800.00 $
  • Accounting and Treasury
  • Imports and exports
  • Warehousing and sales
  • Both Persian and English
  • Support 3 year
  • Online Order
  • Advanced
  • Advanced version Behsaa addition to the unlimited possibilities of extension and communication security update is free to bpms.
  • 2600.00 $
  • Accounting and Treasury
  • Imports and exports
  • Warehousing and sales
  • Translate to 5 Free
  • 5-year update and support
  • Process Management System BPMS
  • Online Order
  • Customization
  • If customization features and dedicated organization or your company need a special package, customized package for your order
  • 8000.00 $
  • All of unlimited possibilities
  • Accounting and Treasury
  • Imports and exports
  • Buy & Sell
  • Management processes
  • Customization and support
  • Online Order

Linux hosting packages for online setup requires at least 500 MB.Consultation : +989120334542

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